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Welcome back to your second year of IB Chemistry!
Course Syllabus

In the International Baccalaureate Program, students study six subjects selected from six subject groups, concurrently over two years, as well as the core elements of the programme (Theory of Knowledge, the extended essay, and creativity, action, service). The six subject groups represent the major domains of learning across all subject disciplines of a curriculum. At least three, and not more than four of the six subjects selected are taken at higher level (HL), the others at standard level (SL). HL courses represent 240 teaching hours, and require a greater depth of study across a broader range of content in the subject. SL courses require 150 hours and provide breadth of study across the whole Diploma Programme. Within this model, students are able to explore some subjects in depth and some more broadly over the two-year period.

This is your senior year! The end of high school is in sight! I hope that you enjoy this final year and take advantage of all that Ruamrudee has to offer you in helping you prepare for university and taking the next major step in your life. All of your teachers, myself included, want you to end your high school career on a good note so ask us for help if you need it!

Good luck and enjoy this second year of Chemistry!

During my 9 years at RIS I had the good fortune to have great classes of interesting students. Thanks for the memories!
Mr. Byrum